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I am running for Minnetonka School Board to ensure our district regains its academic excellence in safe and secure facilities. Despite our vast resources and incredible educators, 1:4 students are not proficient in math, science and reading. Since 2018, the percentage of students falling-short of Minnesota’s proficiency standards has grown from 19.1% to 23.7% in 2023, with a peak of 27.2% in 2022. I believe a recommitment to strict adherence to academics in the classroom and empowerment of parents throughout their kids’ schooling, will provide the environment necessary for our students to flourish. We cannot be satisfied with 25% of students falling behind. Our district is great but there are issues surfacing which must be addressed.


Despite our vast resources and wonderful educators, our student’s competency in mathematics, science and reading had declined from 2018-2022 according to the Minnesota Department of Education. In 2023, math and reading rebounded 3% and 1% respectively, but science dipped another 3%. 1:4 students in our district remain deficient in foundational subjects (math, science and reading). This creates a decreased ability to further develop in those areas of study and students’ educational potential suffers. Minnetonka’s mission, beliefs and vision statements are rooted in a student’s ability to attain a first-rate education at any one of our district’s schools. I will collaborate with the superintendent, educators, parents and residents to regain the district’s commitment to academic excellence. I will address this issue by promoting strict adherence to academics in the classroom.

Furthermore, information stemming from the 2023 parent and residential surveys convey the need to address bullying, lack of discipline, and safety/security. Nearly 1:3 elementary and middle school students reported being bullied to their parents. Additionally, 1:5 high-schoolers say they’re bullied as well. Our students should expect a safe atmosphere in our schools. Parents should also be confident in their children’s well-being. Our society places emphasis on protecting our politicians, sports stadiums, judges, banks, etc. Let’s protect our most valuable commodity; our children. I will accomplish this by advocating for armed security officers in each of our schools. This position would protect our students against potential outside threats as well as providing a liaison for issues inside our facilities. Minnetonka should be forward-acting.

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I enlisted for 9 years of active duty in the United States Air Force as a firefighter and EMT. I served two separate tours overseas to Kuwait and Qatar in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I received several awards and was honorably discharged in 2009.


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I am a full-time CRNA in the Twin Cities. I assisted on the front lines during covid. I work in a collaborative team to provide anesthesia to any patient, at any time of day.



I practice jiu jitsu several times a week. I also enjoy grilling, reading, traveling, doing multi-day hikes, and spending time with my family.


Do you have an idea for how to promote excellence in Minnetonka schools?  Please reach out!

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